It’s hard to imagine a more picture-perfect setting than the coast of Greece. Here, dazzling white buildings dot the dramatic landscape, overlooking a sea the color of sapphire. It’s a place where you can really feel the passage of time, mainly because you’re surrounded by history. From ancient columns to stone streets that have helped locals and travelers alike navigate the country for centuries, Greece is a truly one-of-a-kind destination. Today, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite products currently for sale at Viyet that pay tribute to the style of this inspiring place.

Mary Heebner LACMA Glazed Earthenware Charger

Why we love it: Whether displayed on a table or on the wall, an artful charger offers an unexpected way to add color. This design features gorgeous hues of blue that bring to mind the blue roofs found on the white homes in the Greek island of Santorini.

Newman Frey Blair Bar Cart

Why we love it: The classical “Greek key” pattern has always been a timeless way to accent furniture, and this elegant bar cart is no exception. Here, the pattern helps draw the eye around the well-crafted cart.

Vintage Stacked Nautilus Shell Table Lamps

Why we love them: The nautilus shell is one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Here, a few exceptional specimens make a unique base for a duo of table lamps. Place them on a buffet or sideboard surrounding a great oversized piece of art, or perhaps a bold-framed mirror.

David Sutherland Hutton Outdoor Lakeshore Lounge Chair

Why we love it: Sleek forms look exceptionally beautiful in the streamlined homes of coastal Greece. The muted wood finish helps soften the crisp lines of this sophisticated chair.

Aga John Vintage Blue Overdyed Wool Rug

Why we love it: This artfully overdyed rug brings to mind the hue of the gorgeous waters off the coast of Greece. In a room, it makes a big splash thanks to its large size (11.8′ x 14.7′).

Chesney’s Excavated Iconic Capital Fragment

Why we love it: Of course, classical columns are common in Greece, right down to the ancient ruins that can be found throughout the country. This gorgeous example of an ionic column adds a dash of architectural elegance to any space.

Deux Mondes Duncan Pedestal Table

Why we love it: A traditional pedestal table takes on a sculptural look in crisp white. The finish also has a crackled lacquer effect that gives it a little extra interest. Pair it with a blue rug, with blue upholstered chairs.

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