A gorgeous bouquet is the go-to gift for Mother’s Day. What could be better? Adding an even more beautiful vase to go with the blooms. To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite vases currently for sale at Viyet, with suggestions on how we’d pair them with blooms from The Bouqs:

Kravet Small Alina Layer Vase + “Tropical Love”

Why this pairing works: Glossy tropical leaves are beautifully set off by the yellow and white pattern of this gleaming glass vase.


JANUS et Cie Paros Extra Large Fine Bone China Vase + “Sequoia”

Why this pairing works: This tall vase demands longer-stemmed blooms – while long-stemmed roses would also pair nicely with this vase, sleek lillies are an unexpected choice.


Vintage Porcelain Vase + “Mojave”

Why this pairing works: The matte white finish of this vintage vase brings out the velvety hot pink petals of these eye-catching roses to create a fabulous effect.


Kravet Small Blue Bandeau Vase + “Fearless”


Why this pairing works: This vase’s “weightier” shape helps ground the frilly roses of this arrangement. The blue also contrasts against the warm hues of the pinkish-orange petals.


Vintage Green Crackle Glazed Porcelain Vase + “Radiance”

Why this pairing works: The soft green of this vase brings out the richness of these assorted pink blooms, while the crackle finish adds interesting texture. The sprigs of muted greenery also nod to the almost-celadon green hue of the vase, tying the look together.

Antique Scalloped Brass Vases + “Prism”

Why this pairing works: The warm brass finish sets off the rich colors of delicate Alstroemeria. The shape of the blooms also complement the trumpet-like shape of the vases. Divide the bouquet in two and arrange in both vases, gifting both for double the beauty.


Gaia & Gino Skyscraper Vases + “Twilight”

Why this pairing works: Cala lillies are gorgeous from the bloom to the stem. They deserve to be shown off to their best advantage in a clear vase with a similar architectural quality – the aptly named “Skyscraper” vases definitely fit the bill. Divide the bouquet into two (perhaps by color) for a gorgeous duo.

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