April brings gorgeous blooms, budding trees, and the beginning of the deluge of invites for summer events to come. Of course, it also brings plenty of exciting new things to fill our virtual shopping carts (or our social calendar!). Here are just a few things that have captured our imagination at Viyet HQ, from fanciful soaps to stylish getaways:

A Beautiful Bar

Artisan company SNOBLOVE Bar makes soap that is almost too lovely to use, with gorgeous details like roses (see the Twigs and Berry Bar, top) to the gem-like Crystal Kai Bar (above) artfully sculpted atop each bar.

Artistic Elements

Create a unique focal point with these vintage architectural elements. Sold in a set of two, each is composed of concentric circles made from ribbed metal and a reflective metal center.

Matisse/Diebenkorn at SFMOMA


This fascinating exhibition brings together the work of Richard Diebenkorn and Henri Matisse, revealing striking connections between the two. From sublime colors to majestic subject matter, you’ll get a new perspective on the works — and the world around you.

Statement Sofa

With its jewel-like color and luxe texture, the Hamilton Velvet Sofa from Emerson Bentley is a head-turner. Keep the matching pillows, or swap them out for a bolder hue (perhaps a Schiaparelli pink?) for a fabulous look.

Baron’s Cove, Sag Harbor

Memorial Day is just around the corner, bringing with it the beach season. The low-key Baron’s Cove resort in Sag Harbor has a classic, all-American style with a bit of an eclectic twist.

Chic Pillows

Jonathan Adler’s Leather and Linen Throw Pillows offer an easy way to update your seating area. One side features a buttery-soft tan leather, while the other side is in smooth tan linen, doubling your options.

Perfect Pottery

1200CeramicsStudio creates handmade ceramics that are made to be displayed, used, and ultimately, loved. From planters to platters, you’ll find organic shapes coupled with intriguing glazes for a modern take on typical tableware.

Colorful Candy

Need a hostess gift that isn’t the usual wine or flowers? Order up a box of candy from Austin-based confections boutique Maggie Louise, where you’ll find fun, fabulous chocolates in a range of charming shapes and motifs. Our current favorite: The Spring Beauty Gourmet Chocolate Box.

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