What did we do before Pinterest? Taking a scroll for a few minutes is enough to refresh our eyes when we’re low on inspiration. Of course, that “few minutes” can easily turn into an hour (or two), especially if you’re looking for fabulous interior décor ideas. If your Pinterest feed is in need of a refresh, here are just a few of our favorite Pinners to follow:

Emily Henderson, Emily Henderson Design

Why you should follow Emily:  With an effortless knack for clean design that also still feels warm and inviting, Emily won HGTV’s Design Star back in 2010, and we’ve been fans ever since.

Favorite board: We love everything she does, but we love the up-close vignettes in Emily’s Stylized Spaces board.



Why you should follow Design*Sponge: You likely have been following Design*Sponge since forever! Founder Grace Bonney has been the go-to resource for interesting, creative ideas. We especially love her emphasis on the ins and outs of running a creative business.

Favorite board: The Flowers, Plants, and Gardening board is a standout, especially when we’re sick of winter.


Paloma Contreras, La Dolce Vita

Why you should follow Paloma: Timeless style is the specialty of Paloma Contreras, the founder and editor (and interior designer) behind La Dolce Vita blog. From fashion to interiors, Paloma’s impeccable sense of style comes out in every pin.

Favorite board: Architecture and Outdoor Spaces is THE resource for the best curb appeal ideas.


AVE Styles

Why you should follow AVE Styles: The fashion stylist-turned-fashion blogger doesn’t just have a wealth of fabulous outfit ideas. Her sophisticated sense of style also translates to chic entertaining and home décor ideas (and even recipes).

Favorite board: AVE Styles Personal Faves is a board we visit daily – and our wardrobe has never been the same.

Andrea Duclos, ohdeardrea

Why you should follow Andrea: The South Florida blogger approaches everything from interiors, gardens, natural living, beauty, and more with her easygoing yet creative signature style.

Board we love: Andrea’s Home board is filled with boho-chic ideas for interiors big and small.

Victoria Smith, sfgirlbybay

Why you should follow Victoria: The notable interior blogger always tops the list of best design blogs, and it’s so easy to see why. She has an eye for the exquisite, along with an appreciation for décor with character that we just love.

Board we love: ++sfgirlbybay blogs++ is a treasury of photos that Victoria has featured on her blog, making it particularly rich in inspiration.

Joy Cho, Oh Joy!

Why you should follow Joy: From her collaboration with Target to her uber-popular blog, Joy is everywhere! Her colorful approach to design makes her blog (and Pinterest account) simply unforgettable.

Favorite board: Stylish current parents and parents-to-be alike will love Joy’s Oh Baby board.


Amber Fillerup Clark, Barefoot Blonde

Why you should follow Amber: The ever-so-stylish lifestyle guru always inspires us to live life to the fullest (in the most glamorous way possible, of course).

Favorite board: We trust Amber’s recommendations on everything – especially when it comes to her Style board.

Mrs. Lilien

Why you should follow Mrs. Lilien: If we could live in the Pinterest account of anyone, it would be Mrs. Lilien’s. With a signature style that’s a little vintage and a lot of fabulous, it’s a place that always feels like it’s cocktail hour. Cheers!

Favorite board: Beach Me is a blast, as is the always-useful Booze Board.


Helen Davis, Helen Davis Interior Design

Why you should follow Helen: The Atlanta-based interior designer has a style that can be described as traditional-with-a-big-twist. Her ideas are always fresh, luxurious, and altogether approachable.

Favorite board: Her Live board is our top pick for interior inspiration, but don’t miss out on her fabulous Portfolio board.

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