No matter what the official square footage, a home has a tendency to never feel quite big enough. This is true whether you’re facing the tiny dimensions of a city apartment, an awkward small room in a suburban home, or even in open-concept spaces that fit multiple functions. Though you might think that you need fewer pieces to make the space feel bigger, that’s often not true from a design perspective. Instead, it’s about finding the right furniture and accessories that work with the room. Here are just a few of our favorite ideas for designing a small space:

1. Try nesting tables.


Nesting tables offer up to three times the surface space in the “footprint” of a side table (when they’re stored together), offering maximum versatility. One to try: The Lacquered Leather Nesting Tables by Celerie Kemble for Henredon have a luxurious feel.

2. Use mirrors to maximize light.


A well-placed mirror doesn’t just reflect your room – it reflects light, making your space feel brighter. And a bright space always feels so much more spacious than one that’s dark. One to try: The Bijou Mirror by Phyllis Morris makes a bold statement, from the modern shape to the miniature mirrors incorporated into the frame.

3. Add a room divider to create “zones”.


Dividing a room won’t make it feel smaller. Instead, it simply makes better use of your available space by creating nooks for different functions. Room dividers are a work of art on their own as well. One to try: The hand-painted details on this Vintage Mirrored French Screen make it an exceptional piece.

4. Incorporate clear materials like Lucite.


Heavy furniture can often add visual clutter. But a material like Lucite or glass preserves sight lines, making the space seem a bit more airy without actually removing furniture. One to try: The Vintage Lucite Side Table has a unique shape that makes it feel a bit more like a sculpture than a table.

5. Use color as an accent.


The right color is key to making a small space feel bigger. The safest bet is to keep your walls (along with your bigger upholstered pieces) light and relatively neutral, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add personality with color. Instead, incorporate vibrant colors with well-chosen accessories and accent furniture. One to try: The Lucia chair set by Julian Chichester adds an on-trend touch of rich aubergine to a room.


  • Posted May 8, 2017
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  • Posted May 18, 2017
    by William Sullivan

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