This is part of our four-part series on consigning with Sotheby’s Home. See our other posts on deciding what to consign, how to set up your consignment appointment, and what to expect during your consignment appointment.

The final step to consigning with Sotheby’s Home is the actual process of selling your consigned items. After your free in-home appointment with one of our expert Consignment Liaisons, our team begins the process of getting your items up on theSotheby’s Home website. Our team will upload product photos and write item descriptions, and our client relations team will keep you informed about when your items will go live on the site. Here’s what you need to know after your items go up for sale on Sotheby’s Home:

Our goal is to sell your items in a timely manner.

An important factor in that goal is pricing, which is determined by details relating to brand, condition, and original price. In our experience, items with the highest resale success rate are priced at a 50% to 80% discount below their original listed price, excluding shipping cost, taxes, and discounts. We also market your pieces to our sophisticated community of design insiders through a number of ways, including email, social media, and even our blog.

All items are listed as “Make an Offer” from the start.

This gives you, the consignor, the power to accept other offers from interested buyers. Potential buyers are able to submit an offer price on your consigned pieces as soon as they are listed for sale on Sotheby’s Home. You’ll be able to see these offers when you log into your seller account. To find them, simply click on “Consign” on the homepage of, then click on “Manage Offers”. You’ll reach a screen that lists any current offers made on your consigned pieces:


If there are open offers on your items, you’ll have three options: Accept (you must accept the offer price), Counter (you have the option to provide a counter offer), and Decline (your option to reject the offer). We recommend either accepting or countering all offers, but in case of questions, our client relations team is happy to provide guidance.

What to do when an item sells.

Mainly, celebrate! After you accept an offer – or, if a buyer accepts your counter offer – we handle the remaining steps from arranging pickup and delivery (the buyer covers the cost of shipping) to issuing payment to you based on the agreed commission.

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Top: A cozy, chic living space by one of Sotheby’s Home Tastemakers, Michael Berman

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