Every year, we make our vows to take care of our health, go to bed earlier, and maybe get to SoulCycle more often. But by February 1, we’re back to our old habits. Perhaps it’s time to get a little more creative with our resolutions. For 2017, we’ll be focusing on living life with a little more style — and it all starts in our homes. Here are our “Design Resolutions” for the New Year:

We will not be afraid of color.

Yes, we’ll always love beige, black, white, and grey, but there’s a world of color waiting to be enjoyed. The “in” look for 2017 is predicted to center around jewel-toned colors like amethyst, emerald, sapphire (like the Wedgewood Sofa by Erinn V.), and other saturated hues. We’re excited to try out these colors with bold accessories and accent pieces, or perhaps a new wall covering for the powder room or entryway.

We will make new room for fabulous finds.

Decluttering, after all, sounds a bit boring. But when we think of the process as creating space for new furniture and accessories, it’s easier to decide whether or not to hang on to that vintage armoire that you bought when you didn’t have a great walk-in closet. Yes, it’s gorgeous, but it’s time to make room for something new. Which brings us to…

We will consign!

Viyet makes finding a new home for your pre-owned designer and vintage pieces as easy as possible. Our curators come to your home, photograph your items, then handle the selling process for you. (All you have to do? Set up an appointment, and later approve any offers that come in.) It’s a win-win: You get that much-needed space, and can make a little extra money that can go towards your decorating budget.

We will entertain more.


Inviting friends over for casual dinner parties and cocktail parties helps make a long winter seem a little less dreary. After all, it’s nice to reconnect with friends in real life (instead of social media). Besides, bar carts, cocktail shakers, glassware, and other accessories are incredibly fun to shop for. Right now, we’re in love with Newman Frey’s Blair Bar Cart.

We will take décor risks.


You don’t need a complete renovation to enjoy a new look in your home. Instead, well-selected accessories and accent pieces can be enough to completely change the feel of a room. Even tabletop pieces can have a huge impact, especially when artfully made, like the Annette Guionnet Earthenware Charger.

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