When it comes to multitasking, designer Marissa Vosper has it down to a science. When she isn’t doing work for her company, Negative Underwear, she is creating beautiful, lush spaces in her home. See what Marissa has to say about all things design…
Photo by: Chellise Michael and Emily Johnston for Homepolish
Viyet: What is your go-to source for home design inspiration? 


Vosper: I don’t really have a go-to source per se – I’m an aesthetically minded person, so I’m always aware of design and mentally cataloging the things that speak to me (or taking screenshots from my Insta feed). That said, ABC Carpet & Home has long been among my top favorite places in New York (it’s actually where my husband and I were married!) – it’s definitely a special place that never fails to leave me inspired whenever I go. 

Viyet: Describe your style in 6 words or less.

Vosper: High/low, monochromatic, refined, luxe textures, attentive to details

Viyet: How much do you balance work and home life?
Vosper: I run my own company and often work from home, so there isn’t all that much of a separation between work life and home life. I do try to keep weekends as work-free as possible, but it’s not always achievable. That said, I’m also pregnant, so I have a feeling that’s all about to change when there’s a baby in the mix!
Photo by: Chellise Michael and Emily Johnston for Homepolish

Viyet: What item can you not live without?

Vosper: My first reaction was my iPhone (sad but true) because it keeps me in touch with my company and my family and friends. But if an item could be a person instead of a thing, then I’d certainly say my husband – he’d come before the iPhone 🙂 

Viyet: What was your inspiration for Negative Underwear?

Vosper: Honestly, it was dissatisfaction with the status quo. My co-founder and I were not lingerie enthusiasts – in fact, it was the part of our wardrobes that got the least love and attention. When we started exploring the category dynamics and other brands in the market, we saw a clear opportunity to make something intentionally different from the rest – a brand that was both comfortable and cool, functional and design-forward, well-made and well-priced. From our perspective, the rest of the lingerie industry forces you to choose either / or, and we didn’t understand why you couldn’t have both – we believed women deserved better, so we worked hard to make that a reality.

Viyet: Where is your favorite place to go for coffee, ice cream, drinks, quiet space, fresh air in NYC?

Vosper: In our old neighborhood (Soho), some of my favorites are Ground Support for a matcha latte in the morning, Sant Ambroeus for a cozy dinner, and Kula Yoga Studio for the best way to start your week. In our new neighborhood (West Village), it feels like a bit of a homecoming, since we lived here for almost 5 years before moving to Soho, where we stayed for 6. Some of my favorites that stand the test of time are Perry St. for a great date night, EN Japanese Brasserie for a quiet lunch, and Cafe Cluny or Sant Ambroeus for a leisurely breakfast and The New York Times on the weekend.
Photo by: Chellise Michael and Emily Johnston for Homepolish

Viyet: Who are your design icons?

Vosper: Depends on what sort of design we’re talking about…I love MUJI for the simplicity and intelligence. I love Kate Moss for her sense of effortless cool. I love Diane von Furstenberg for her strong point of view on femininity and leadership. I love Toulouse-Lautrec for mixing the glamorous with the rough and the raw. I love my (late) grandmother for showing me how to be a fierce individual when it comes to fashion – and how to appreciate and leverage New York as a mecca of design for all it has to offer. 

Viyet: If you could design a space for anyone, what kind of space and for whom would it be?

Vosper: My father is an architect, so I’d love to work with him someday to build and design a home for our family – maybe a vacation home by the beach somewhere – a place we could all be together outside of our sometimes very disparate lives (my parents still live where I grew up, in Boulder, CO, while my husband and I reside in NYC).  

Viyet: What was your favorite room in your former home and why? What is your new favorite room?

Vosper: In our old apartment, I loved sitting in our living room on our grey velvet sofa that faced directly into the corner windows. Whether an early sunny morning meditation or a snowy evening in with my husband, it always felt like this serene place to observe a quintessential piece of NYC in action. Our apartment looked onto Broome Street, which has this wide European promenade-like feeling. I’m going to miss those windows for sure!
In our new apartment, we’ve started putting together a nursery for our son (on the way). Having a physical manifestation of this little baby growing inside of you is a really special, quite emotional feeling. I love being in his room because I know he’ll be in it soon. It never fails to make me smile when I’m there.
Photo by: Chellise Michael and Emily Johnston for Homepolish

Viyet: What do you love about Viyet?
Vosper: As I’ve learned firsthand in this latest move, it can be quite emotional / painful to part with things you love and took the time to curate for a specific space. There’s both the attachment to the thing, but also the guilt of moving on and replacing it with the new. I love the idea that someone else will end up with some of those special pieces and will make them their own, in a new space.
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