Have you joined our Holiday Head Start? In our last post on the topic, we discussed the simple ways you can declutter your home and consign the furniture, art, antiques, and accessories that no longer fit your style. In today’s installment of the series, we’re putting the focus on the guest room. For most of us, the guest room goes unused between summer visitors and the holidays, making right now the perfect time to give the space a makeover. Here are a few inspiring guest rooms that caught our eye, along with some advice for adapting these designer looks for your own home.

Make a statement with pattern.

The guest bedroom is a space where you can try out something a little stronger than you’d use in your main living spaces. In the above bedroom by Lindsey Coral Harper, Ikat drapes and a coordinating bed skirt bring a bold element while staying within the color scheme. We also loved the dash of drama from the shapely headboard. Shop beds at Viyet »

Try out twin beds.


In this design by Marks and Frantz, twin beds contribute to the tailored feel of the room. Each is accessorized with fine bed linens that give the beds a more “grown up” feel. The red accents contrast against the blue lamps, while picking up the colors in the carpet. Shop rugs at Viyet »

Create interest with custom details.


A canopy in coordinating fabric draws the eye up, visually “lifting” the ceiling in this sophisticated bedroom by Amanda Nisbet. While you could match the upholstery of your headboard, a contrasting pattern would also add interest to the space. Shop designer fabrics at Viyet »

Go a little bigger with bedside tables.


If you have the space, larger nightstands give your visitors a little extra storage while also allowing you to stow away small items when the guest room is not in use. Angela Free chose a nightstand with a deep cubby that perfectly shows off a capsule library. Shop storage at Viyet »


Bring in fabulous art.


Far too often, a guest bedroom can have a bit of an “empty” feel. Since it’s an occasional space that we don’t spend much time in, it can be easy to forget the impact accessories can make. In the guest room of designer Megan Winters, well-chosen art sits just above the headboard of antique beds. Shop art at Viyet » 

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