Finding the perfect sofa can feel like catching the Moby Dick of interior design: always a bit elusive and yes, even intimidating. But when it’s right, it can anchor an entire room and provide years of style and comfort. We’ve rounded up a few essential tips for shopping — and buying — with confidence, along with our favorites on Viyet right now.

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1. Measure It Right

You want to make sure that your future sofa will not only fit in the intended room, but also through all of the doors and hallways it will travel through to get there. Take accurate measurements to avoid any awkward delivery moments. And if you’re wondering about the right size for your room, trace out a paper model or approximate one in string to get a sense of the sofa’s future footprint.

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2. Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

Both before and after your purchase, fabric is essential. Ask for fabric swatches you can take home and live with so you can get a sense of what will work in your space. Along with the visuals, a crucial factor is durability. Is this a high-traffic spot or an isolated area? Factor in the spot-cleaning code (like X for brush clean only) when considering your options. And don’t miss Viyet’s new fabric shop for loads of inspiring choices.


3. Know Your Materials

A kiln-dried hardwood frame is crucial for durability, as it won’t crack or warp. Eight-way, hand-tied steel coil springs are the gold standard for spring systems due to their uber-durability and even weight distribution. Cushions are a very individual choice, depending on how much squish you like: 100% down will provide the softest seat, while high-density foam is the firmest.

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4. Choose Your Style

From trad to mod and everything in between, there’s a bounty of covetable looks to consider. On the more formal side of things, shapes are key: try camelback for a feminine touch, while a classic Chesterfield will lend a more masculine vibe. No matter the style, a tufted back adds a layer of timeless embellishment. The simple lines of mid-century styles will lend an easy elegance, while an English roll-arm style bridges the line between cozy and tailored.

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