When made in a dazzling color, glass has an especially mesmerizing effect that’s produced when the light hits the surface, bringing an unmistakable energy to an interior. Though we all likely have a few glass pieces in our homes, here are a few other ways you can add glass to brighten your interior:

In the dining room:

Glass Gina Berschneider

Glass can be used to emphasize a beautiful form. The starfire glass top of the Gina Berschneider Vienna Glass Top Dining Table allows you to view the stunning alder wood base while dining.

In the living room:

Designlush Specialty Glass

The beauty of colored glass is showcased in the varying shades of blue in the DESIGNLUSH Specialty Blue Glass Coffee Table. Its glass top is supported by an open metal frame that has a graceful feel.

For storage:

Glass Shelves

The Vintage French Glass Shelves curated by Will Wick add a feeling of spaciousness when used in place of wooden shelves. The curved glass shelves with metal legs and brass detailing add a sophisticated look to your contemporary room.

On a wall:

Glass Blue Murano

Enjoy the excitement of light through blue glass bubbles with these Vintage Blue Murano Glass Ball Sconces. Sold in a set of two, they give the illusion of floating bubbles and are lovely even with the light turned off.

On a bookshelf:

Glass Milk Glass Vases

Made of hand-blown glass, the Joe Cariati Milk Glass Vases have a mid-century feel. A beautiful addition to your bookcase or mantel, they would look lovely in the center of your dining table.

On a table:

Oval Azure Lamp Glass

The Jan Showers Collection Oval Azure Lamp is a natural focal point in any setting. Made from Murano glass, the lamp has an exquisite azure base detailed with 22-karat gold accents.

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