Kids’ rooms are often thought of as places solely dedicated to cartoon characters and race car beds. Happy and playtime-appropriate? Yes. Stylish? Not so much. While function, safety, and your kids’ latest favorite toys are still the priority for decorating a child’s room, you can bring in a few key pieces that can grow a little more with them. Here are just a handful of our favorites at Viyet right now:

Mathy by Bols Lofted Tree House Bed

Treehouse Loft Bed Product Image

Why we love it: This bed will be your kid’s all-time favorite thing ever. And it’s so easy to see why – it’s a tree house that fits into their bedroom! Inside, you’ll find a twin-sized bed and enough room for them to get cozy with a good book. But we just adore the exterior, which has kind of a modern-deconstructed vibe.

Maine Cottage Island Settee Daybed

Maine Cottage Daybed

Why we love it: Classic lines and a neutral finish make this versatile bed a great piece that’ll be cherished for years. The painted wood is durable, while the trundle will come in handy for sleepovers.

Artstar Zucchini the Zebra

Artstar Zebra

Why we love it: Instead of the typical cartoon character motifs, this adorable photograph has a more modern feel. It’s age-appropriate now, and will have an ironic appeal later.

Modern Pink Oak Desk

Modern Pink Oak Desk

Why we love it: Who says that pink automatically equals saccharine? This white desk features panels of a rosy hue that isn’t too “princess”. Open the drawers, and you’ll find a charming orange contrast interior.

Janus et Cie Agatha Heart and Flower Side Chairs

Janus et Cie Flower Heart Chairs

Why we love them: These charming chairs are kind of like emojis come to life. Pair one with a white desk, or together at a standalone table to create a play nook.

Oly Studio Amber Drop Chandelier

Oly Studio Chandelier

Why we love it: Dozens of resin amber flowers catch the light in this stunning chandelier. At 60″ in height, it’s a great piece for high-ceilinged rooms.

B&B Italia Up Junior Chair

BB Italia Junior Chair

Why we love it: A seriously bold silhouette is enhanced by a modern color scheme in this pint-sized chair. Sized for children ages 3 and up, it’s an heirloom piece in a contemporary form.

Vintage Louis XIV Ava Chairs

Vintage Louis Flower Chairs

Why we love them: This set of vintage chairs has been expertly reupholstered in a charming fabric featuring a floral motif. Both playful and sophisticated, the set will be a favorite for years to come.

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