Above, a tray turns a stylish tufted ottoman into a coffee table in this vignette by Antonino Buzzetta.

Trays are one of the most versatile accessories you can add to your home. Part storage, part display piece, and part entertaining must-have, a single tray can serve a variety of different functions. From basic to extravagant, here are a few of our favorites right now at Viyet, along with suggestions for using them throughout your home. (You can also use this guide to inspire creative ways to give a tray as a gift, using our ideas to inspire thoughtful pairings.)

Fretwork Bronze Tray

Bronze Tray

Made of bronze, this unique tray has a time-worn patina that brings an intriguing element to your décor. Though it has a luxurious weight, the open details around the sides of the tray give it a slightly lighter feel.

Tozai Trinket Trays


Trinket Trays

These charming ceramic painted trays come in a set of three and feature a mix of zigzag, shagreen, and floral patterns. Consider using plate hangers to hang them on your foyer or powder room wall, so you can show off the detailed motifs.

Plexi-Craft Acrylic Serving Tray

Acrylic Tray

Your perfume bottles (or even shampoos, lotions, and other toiletries) would look lovely on your vanity table or bathroom counter when held on this wonderful acrylic tray. When you dust or clean, simply pick it up by the handles instead of moving everything individually.

Antique South Indian Service Tray

South Indian Tray

Use this beautiful painted wood tray (curated by Allan Knight) to top your ottoman, which will create an “extra” table for when guests come over.  It also is a gorgeously exotic choice for a serving tray: Simply put your drinks on the tray and carry out.

Raku Tray

Raku Tray

This striking black and white ceramic tray would look gorgeous leaning against the wall on your buffet table. Or, use in the center of your glass table to “anchor” it visually. If used on a table surface, it becomes a stylish way to hold books or magazines.

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