Summer: The season that feels like it takes forever to arrive, then proceeds to go by in a blink of an eye. While we can’t quite believe that it’s already August, we’re going to savor every minute of the season while we can. Here are just a few things that made (and still are making) our summer amazing in every way possible:

Ditching the inbox (for at least a little bit).

Summer Love Postcards

It’s about time snail mail made a comeback beyond wedding invites and catalogs. Enter: Curious Feast. This boxed set of postcards features work by ten celebrated artists, making each one a lovely surprise for a friend to find in their inbox mailbox.

A fashionable new accessory.

Summer Missoni Pillows

You know the print from a mile away. Missoni’s iconic zigzag makes this set of throw pillows into an exciting must-have.

Sweet surprises.

Summer Ample Hills Creamery

How do you improve on a classic dessert? Make it with only the best ingredients (like hormone-free milk, cream from grass-fed cows, and organic cane sugar). We can’t get enough of Ample Hills Creamery ice cream. But really, why should we stop at one scoop?

A glittering statement piece.

Vintage Sputnik Chandelier

Lighting truly is the jewelry of the décor realm. This stunning Sputnik chandelier dazzles from every angle, whether day or night. Place it in an entryway or in the dining room to give this fixture the attention it so deserves.

Coloring outside the lines.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.52.21 AM

Just looking at Swiss Caran d’Ache’s richly hued colored pencils makes us smile. They, of course, are a dream to work with, thanks to their famously creamy-soft 3.7mm leads.

Relaxing in a great seat.

Ralph Lauren Lounge Chair

Continuous fluid arms wrapped in leather give an elegant shape to this accent chair by the incomparable Ralph Lauren. The crisp pearl linen upholstery adds a classic touch to what will be your favorite accent piece for years to come.

The universe in the palm of our hands.



Though they look like individual works of art, these handmade galaxy lollipops are indeed edible (but perhaps too pretty to eat!). You get 10 flavors and planets in each set of these adorable treats.

Trying out a new shape.


After a trip to India, Tom Dixon riffed on the sleek shape of the traditional water vessels he saw during his travels to create The Beat Light. Though inspired by a timeless form, the resulting pendant light has a distinctly modern flair.

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