Above, Meg Winters pairs a stack-style end table between two unique chairs (left), while Will Wick complements a neutral table with a textured wood side table in a similar hue (right).

When choosing the perfect end table to place between two occasional chairs, there are four things you should consider. The first is height – tall chairs demand a table that stands at seat-height (or even slightly taller). Next, are the shape of your chairs. If yours have narrow wood arms, for example, you’ll have a little more clearance for a bold table. If the arms on the wider end of the spectrum, you’ll want something a little more streamlined that won’t bring more bulk to your seating area. (Of course, armless chairs make the process much easier.) Then, consider the function of the table. If you intend to add a lamp to the table, or use it to hold cocktails, a spacious top is a must. Lastly, you should consider the placement of the chairs. Will they be against a wall or in a seating group near the sofa? These positions will impact how big (or small) you can go with the table.To help you envision the potential of a stylish chair-and-table combination, we’ve selected a few potential pairings.

Vintage Mid-Century Armchairs and Cliff Young LTD Sister Maple End Table

Chair Pairing Vintage


These unique mid-century chairs designed have narrow, sculptural arms that offer more versatility when it comes to a table pairing. We can choose a lower height end table if we wish. The Cliff Young Ltd. Sister Maple End Table is a happy medium, with a vintage feel that complements the mid-century design of the chairs.

Vintage Louis-Style Upholstered Chairs and Jonathan Charles Yarne Table

Chair Nussbaumer Pairing


Michelle Nussbaumer’s boldly-upholstered vintage chairs have a smaller size, which makes them ideal for placing against a wall or under a window. They would pair well with a wider table, like the Johnathan Charles Yarne Table designed by William Yeoward. It has an expansive top which allows you enough space to place a lamp and a decorative object.

Vintage Geometric Upholstered Club Chairs and Plexi-Craft Waterfall Nesting Tables

Chair Pairing Lucite Collage

These comfortable contemporary club chairs have a deep cushion seat. Their bolder look demands a more delicate counterpart, like these clear nesting tables. They don’t add bulk yet provide the width to balance the seating group. You can keep the largest one in place and use the other two as accents elsewhere in the room.

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