Designers looking for the best in European furniture and accessories head to Antonio’s Bella Casa, a California showroom with two locations in Los Angeles and Newport Beach that are filled with some of the most pristine examples of design. Tony Buccola, who opened the showroom over a decade ago, recently consigned a gorgeous collection of prime pieces with Viyet. We took a moment to catch up with Buccola, who opened up about his best advice for choosing furniture you’ll love forever, to the one design trend he just can’t live with. Here’s what he had to say:

Viyet: What inspired you to open Antonio’s Bella Casa?

Buccola: I love Italian antiques. The lines and the styles I find very romantic and strong, and I wanted to present my interpretation of antiques in design.

Viyet: What’s your favorite place to travel to and why?
Buccola: Florence!! Feels like home!

Viyet: What’s your favorite design period? Do you have a least-favorite design period?
Buccola: I don’t have a specific period …. But I know what I don’t like!  Industrial….  There is nothing appealing!! NOTHING.

Viyet: How do you decide what to keep and what to sell?
If it speaks to my soul, I just can’t let go.

Viyet: How would you describe your personal taste?
Buccola: I love the blend of antique furniture and great art! If you pair the two it will always be classic. I hate trends, I prefer timeless.

Viyet: What is your favorite room in your home and why.
Buccola: The bedroom…Please don’t ask why!

Viyet: What makes a piece of furniture great, in your opinion?

Buccola: If it is timeless, classic, strong and sexy. Furniture must move you to want to create. It seems the desire to create a space that is distinctly classic and elegant has given away to disposable   What makes furniture great is that it stands he test of time.

“If you buy it right the first time you will never have to buy it again”

Viyet: Have you ever had a change of heart about an object or a style?
Buccola: Yes, we grow. My desires can shift depending on where I am and what I am shopping for.

Viyet: What drew you to a career in design?
Buccola: It is always mom’s fault!

Viyet: What is your advice for someone looking to buy an investment piece?
Buccola: Spend the money and buy a piece that is clean in lines and of solid wood. It will mix with anything and be the start of a love affair.

Viyet: What do you love about Italian design?
Buccola: It’s classic, sexy, strong design.

Viyet: Do you have any advice for others who are looking to start a collection of fine furniture, antiques, or art?

Buccola: Never be afraid of trusting your gut! I rarely like what I bought instead.  But I always love what moved me to say YES. Buy art that makes your heart tug and you smile.  But a piece of furniture you love to touch and makes you feel special. This is important.

Viyet: Is there a movie, tv series, or a painting you would like to live in?
Buccola: Any John Singer Sargent or Picasso.

Take a look at just a few of our favorite pieces from Antonio’s Bella Casa:
ABC Collage

Row 1 (from left): Antique Chinoiserie Stools With Mink Upholstery, Traditional Upholstered Stools, Faux Mosaic Table

Row 2 (from left): Vintage Inlaid Side Table, Eclectic Bird Form Pitcher, Ebonized Renaissance-Style Wood Cabinet

Row 3 (from left): Vintage Barovier and Toso Murano Glass Chandelier, Vintage Venetian Glass and Iron Lanterns, circa 1950, Vintage Decorative Turquoise Ceramic Urns

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