Above, a selection of Alexandre Mancini’s work, as seen in the Biasi Catani showroom.

Alexandre Mancini is a contemporary Brazilian artist whose innovative pieces brought the Brazilian tile art tradition back to the mainstream. Working on tiles, Mancini often brings together color and geometric forms to create a dynamic effect. And though his style is undoubtedly modern, his works pay tribute to the artists of Brazil’s past, such as Paulo Rossi Osir. Take a closer look at a few of Mancini’s tiles that are currently available at Viyet.


“Rolidei” is a colorful design composed of rectangles, squares, and triangles. Here, you can see how Mancini’s vivid colors draw the eye around the piece.


“Sao Jose” is named after the city in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The geometric shapes done in black and white lend a sense of graphic drama. Displayed in a white or grey room or on a brightly painted wall (think lipstick red or neon yellow), it’s a piece that commands your attention.


The tiles of Colonial Brazil that inspired Mancini’s work were surprisingly functional: the ceramic tiles were used on facades to protect against humidity and and reflect the sun. The “Artificios Geometricos #27” gives the illusion of depth in this bold pattern. One can imagine this beautiful design on an exterior wall in a courtyard.


Mancini’s “Dois Triangulios” is of a more restrained design that draws you in and has an almost hypnotic quality. The small triangles guide your eye around in this stunning work.


“PA 12617” is another colorful design, using a series of squares to divide the triangular pattern. Done in both warm and cool colors, the work has a timeless appeal.

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