Above, Amy Meier brings a fresh feel to this stately living space through a blue and white color palette.


Blue and white is one of the color combinations most beloved by designers, perhaps for its ability to feel sophisticated but also serene. It’s a palette that transcends time – blue and white initially captured the attention of European tastemakers as far back as the 15th and 16th centuries, when imported blue and white pottery from China started a trend that has lasted ever since. Though it’s a color palette that’s beautiful all year round, it’s an especially welcome sight in the heat of summer. Crisp white accents bring out the cool undertones of blue, creating a result that’s soothing, restful, and effortlessly stylish no matter the temperature outside. If you’re looking to bring this classic pairing into your decor, here are a few pieces that are sure to inspire:

J. Alexander Tracey Sofa & DesignLush Specialty Blue Glass Coffee Table

Blue and White 1

With its white velvet upholstery and button tufting, this sofa is lovely on its own. But when paired with an artful table featuring a mesmerizing blue hue, it becomes a standout in any living room.

Erinn V. Wedgewood Sofa  & Randall Barbera Antique White Steamer Trunk

Blue and White Sofa

The deep blue sofa offers an unexpected take on the familiar chesterfield form. Its traditional details complement the classic feel of the antique trunk, which can act as an alternative to a coffee table (just top with a decorative tray to group additional accents). It’ll bring a little extra storage to your living space, a welcome bonus for those looking to maximize.

CUFFHOME Pedestal Table  & Allan Knight Cobalt Blue Murano Glass Lamp

Blue White 3

A white multi-layered base gives a unique shape to this pedestal table. Add sublime contrast with this cobalt blue glass lamp by Allan Knight. We also love this lamp for its shapely glass base and tall white lampshade.

Tritter Feefer Golden State Traditional Server & Antique Chinese Porcelain Vase

Blue White 4

The fresh white finish enhances the graceful feel of this table that comes through the elegant arched base. It’s a versatile table that will work in an entryway, dining room, or behind the sofa. Accessorize it with a piece that has a traditional feel, like this gorgeous antique Chinese vase. At 20″ in height, you can really appreciate the hand-painted details that decorate every surface.

Deux Mondes Marx Center Table & Antique Wingback Chairs

Blue White 5

Large wingback chairs – like this set, which is covered in a deep blue Italian leather – need a larger table to balance their proportions. At 30″ in height, the Deux Mondes Marx Center Table is just right. The white frame and zebrawood top have a traditional feel that complements the shape of the chairs as well.

Antique Louis Philippe Walnut Armchairs & Aga John Indo Viscose Rug

Blue Rug Combo

The curved pattern in the rug works brilliantly with the shapely form of these elegant chairs. And because the blue velvet upholstery is a few shades lighter than the color of the rug, it complements instead of competes.

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