With accessories being the “jewelry” of a room, we believe that art is its soul. Many of us have sculptures gracing our homes on tabletops and bookcases. And we have paintings, prints, and photographs on our walls. A nice way to create a focal point on a wall, either as one piece or adding dimension to a group of pictures, is to use a wall sculpture. Below are a few of our favorites:

Curtis Jere Starburst Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture Jere Starburst

Why we love it: Created by Curtis Jere (which gets its name from Jerry Fels and his brother-in-law Curtis Freiler), this classic piece is always in demand by designers. Its starburst shape is enhanced by three circles of varying lengths of brass, copper, and steel in an iconic mid-century design.

Designlush Techtona Grandis 1 Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture Techtona

Why we love it: Designed by Zac Ostrowski, this avante-garde design features two wood forms mounted on a curved wire mount, adding to the drama of this gorgeous piece.

Designlush Techtona Grandis 2 Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture Techtona 2

Why we love it: Zac Ostrowski showcases the unique quality of wood in this fascinating, thought-provoking sculpture.

Designlush Yggdrasil Branch Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture Designlush

Why we love it: Another magnificent work from artist and architect Zac Ostrowski, this organic piece features a metallic-pigment painted desert branch.

Curtis Jere Cityscape Chrome and Brass

Wall Sculpture Curtis Jere

Why we love it: Curated by Will Wick, this sophisticated abstract take on a cityscape features both chrome and brass, ensuring it would work well in all color palettes.

Vintage Large African Mask

Wall Sculpture African Mask

Why we love it: This authentic painted wood piece (which measures a stunning 102” in height) brings worldly flair to any living space.

Alessandra Branca Large Wooden Hanging Clock

Wall Sculpture Clock

Why we love it: The exposed gears and machinery have a sculptural feel, yet are entirely functional in this oversized clock. It measures an incredible 48” in height and width, making this a fabulous choice for lofts and truly grand foyers.

Vintage Serge Roche Style Wall Hanging Motifs

Wall Sculpture Sconces

Why we love them: Colorful and detailed with a leaf design, this set of two plaster forms make an eye-catching addition to a wall or art grouping.

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