In this living area by Dennis Brackeen, a richly hued wallcovering by Gracie makes a dramatic impression.

When designers need an exquisite wallcovering to suit the most luxurious of spaces, they turn to one source — Gracie. The renowned showroom features an array of hand-painted Chinese wallpapers and murals that are so spectacular, you wouldn’t necessarily be mistaken if you thought you had visited a museum.

The Gracie name has been synonymous with such fine artistry since its founding in 1898 by Charles R. Gracie. (Gracie remains a family-run business to this day.) Originally, Charles focused on custom-made lamps, then expanded the collection to include Chinese and Japanese antiques, furniture, and accessories. But in the 1930s, he became enamored with Chinese wallpaper after a friend showed him a stunning example of the fine hand-painted works being produced in Beijing. A partnership was made with a studio, and the design world quickly fell in love with Gracie’s elegant signature product.

Viyet is proud to present a sophisticated selection of wallpaper panels from Gracie — here are just a few of our favorites:

Gracie “Floral Green Hand-Painted Wallpaper Panel”

Gracie Green

This exquisite panel features pink and yellow blossoms on a deep celadon background. Consider hanging it horizontally above your sideboard or buffet table. This unique shade of green looks especially lovely when paired with traditional mahogany or cherry furniture.

Gracie “Blue Silk Hand-Painted Wallpaper”

Gracie Blue Silk

Soft blue silk makes a luxurious backdrop for a delicate motif of winding branches, leaves, and blooms. Hang this refined panel in your foyer (or at the end of a hallway) to create an always-gracious greeting.

Gracie “Hand-Painted Yellow Wallpaper Panel”

Gracie Yellow

Imagine this panel hung between the windows in your bedroom. A cheerful yellow with butterflies and pretty flowers, this design is a wonderful way to brighten your room and spirits too.


Gracie “Hand-Painted Coral Wallpaper Panel” 

Gracie Coral


Need a focal point in your room? Frame this panel in stained wood trim and watch how the contrast emphasizes the rich colors.

Gracie Silver Floral Hand-Painted Wallpaper PanelSilver Hand-Painted Wallpaper PanelFloral Silver Hand-Painted Wallpaper Panel

Gracie Silver Collage

You can create the look of a large mural by hanging a series of three panels of the same-color background in a group, leaving a few inches of space between them. These elegant silver panels would look lovely when framed in whitewashed trim. For a stunning effect, consider hanging the panels behind your sofa, or simply let them make a statement alone on a large wall.

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