Just as jewelry enhances our outfits, decorative objects are our “last layer” in decorating. The bare mantle, tabletop, shelves, or étagères are all enhanced with the right accessories. The key is to think in varying heights, textures, and contrast. Below are a few of our favorites, and our suggestions on how to best show them off:


Antique Stone Fishing Weights

Decorative Objects Fishing Weights

How to display them: In a group of similar objects.

Why we love them: Made of stone, these antique fishing weights have a unique rustic texture, with an iron loop that adds further interest. They would be striking on a summer fireplace mantel.

Antique Marble Candlesticks

Decorative Objects Antique Marble Candlesticks

How to display them: Another great candidate for grouping together with like objects.

Why we love them: A natural choice for a mantel or tabletop, their regal appearance of white marble with grey veining adds sophistication to your décor.

Antique 18th Century Indonesian Earthenware Sacred Jar

Decorative Objects Earthenware

How to display it: Alone, on a glass shelf, or on a vintage book for a tabletop display.

Why we love it: The beautifully carved geometric design (which was incised by hand, centuries ago) draws the eye around the piece.

Antique Solid Marble Bust

Decorative Objects Antique Marble Bust

How to display it: On a bookshelf or pedestal.

Why we love it: This classic piece comes from Italy. Made of white marble, it’s a work of art you’ll never get tired of.

Antique Japanese Hair Combs

Decorative Objects Hair Combs

How to display them: On a mantle, or a credenza.

Why we love them: Though they were once entirely functional, this set (which is carved from boxwood) has a sculptural feel that comes through in each well-crafted comb.

Vintage Woven Basket

Decorative Object Basket

How to display it: In a living room, with your favorite luxe throw.

Why we love it: The woven basket brings a rustic texture to your décor. While definitely stylish, we do love that it’s also highly functional.

Vintage Concrete Greyhounds

Decorative Objects Vintage Greyhounds

How to display them: In an entryway, on either side of a door; or outdoors on either side of a garden entrance.

Why we love them: These greyhounds may be elegant, but they also have plenty of personality.

Vintage French Street Marker Stencil

Decorative Objects French Street Stencil

How to display it: On a sideboard, near a contemporary piece of art

Why we love it: This bold stencil signifies the Pont Rean (a commune in Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany), giving the piece a great backstory. The authentic patina also introduces a novel texture to your room.

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