Joan Enger, founder of J. Patryce Design, specializes in the planning, design and project management of residences throughout New York and New Jersey. Founded in 2005, this Hoboken interior design firm blends clean lines with classic elements to ensure elegant, inviting environments.




As a Designer, what do you find inspiring in Hoboken? The incredible panoramic views of NYC!  Runs on the waterfront with a more beautiful sunrise each morning is an inspiring start to any day!

Favorite places and why? Stevens University has a look out point.  I enjoy walking thru the campus and watching the variety of boats sail by — so therapeutic. Hoboken is one square mile — very walkable/bikeable.  I often grab my JPD Bag and bike it to my clients homes. There are a handful of restaurants that I enjoy; I prefer small, authentic spots like La Isla (great Cuban Food), or Otto Strada (Italian).  We are super close to Jersey City — which is another favorite hot spot — Talde and Carrino are among my new favs.  Super chic and yummy!

What is your favorite design element? There is a magnificent block of historical mansions with unobstructed city views referred to as “Castle Point Terrace”.  The street sits high and remains cobblestone. The homes were taken over by the US Gov’t after WWI and later sold to Stevens University for student housing. Many of us in town often dream about living on this block. But at the time, local residents could never have afforded them.  Things have certainly changed in Hoboken!

Are there any historical elements from Hoboken that influence your work? The Lackawanna Train Station and ferry terminal recently underwent an impressive renovation/restoration.  The contrast of the historical architectural elements combined with the modern, glass and steel ferry terminal is a wonderful juxtaposition, which speaks to Hoboken’s diverse community.  On my way through the terminal, I often stop and stare up at the magnificent ceiling. It really is all in the details!

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