Now is the time of year that often has us looking for a gift for a special woman in our life. Whether she’s your mother, your maid-of-honor, the bride, or a recent graduate, or for a special birthday you want to show you put thought and love into your gift. An elegant vase is the perfect choice, especially when you pair it with a gorgeous bouquet of blooms. Here are a few of our favorite vases at Viyet, plus suggestions on the perfect flowers to pair them with from The Bouqs.

Murano Glass Vase

Murano Glass Vase

Even without flowers, this vase from the Woodson and Rummerfield house of design is simply stunning. The orange and red glass gorgeously catches the light, making it an ideal centerpiece for a tabletop that’s close to a window.

Pair it with: An arrangement of soft peach lilies would nicely pick up the warm hues of this vase.

Oly Studio Plum Beijing Vase

Oly Studio Plum Vase
If you need a taller vase, consider this sculptural vase by Oly Studio, the brand founded by Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger that brings a casual yet elegant spirit to interiors, furniture, lighting, accessories, and art. Measuring a little over 17 inches in height, it’s a great choice for dramatic arrangements.
Pair it with: With their tall stems of blooms, gladiolus work wonderfully with the proportions of this vase. We also like the idea of an arrangement of cala lilies in a spectrum of purple and pink hues, or a bouquet of tulips and irises.

Vintage Porcelain Vases

Vintage Vases

This stunning set was curated by the Allan Knight Showroom. Each is decorated with a Chinese motif, which complements traditional decor. Display them either on a mantel or on twin sofa tables.
Pair them with: We love these delicate vases on their own, but they would also make a lovely gift when paired with a bouquet featuring exotic blooms like pin cushion protea.

Oly Studio Footed Bark Vase

Bark Vase

If you are looking for a gift for that recent graduate moving into her first apartment, this whimsical vase is perfect. It takes the form of a tree trunk, right down to the subtle texture of bark, for a not-so-serious look.
Pair it with: A classic bouquet of roses adds an elegant note to the charming design. Opt for white roses for a sophisticated monochromatic look, or choose eye-catching hot pink blooms.


Augousti Vases
For a unique pair of vases, look no further than this sculptural set. Their unusual shape and varying size immediately grabs attention. Each has a unique texture achieved by layering snakeskin or dyed alligator skin over wood.
Pair them with: The delicate petals of ranunculus blooms visually soften the angles of the vase openings.

Antique Cement Urn

Cement Urn

Though it’s not a traditional vase, this elegant container is perfect for showcasing gorgeous blooms in your garden. Curated by Jonathan Rachman Design, the urns have a classic shape that never goes out of style.
Pair it with: A simple pot of pink geraniums would stand out against the antique white finish.

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