Making your home stylish and functional requires making smart choices when selecting furniture and accessories. This is especially true if you have an open concept floor plan. Without the limitations of walls, you have the freedom to get creative…but without which requires special thought.
Let’s start with the most used area of the home, the living room or family room.
Define the living room area with a sectional.Salone

This is the most used area in our homes, where we relax, watch television, and entertain. A sectional can delineate this space by its placement in the room. We love the cream-colored leather Salone Sectional Sofa from Giorgio USA. It has all the features of a comfortable sofa, in a streamlined modern design: The back cushions are adjustable, and it’s roomy enough so everyone gets a seat. Plus, the chrome accents are gorgeous.

Choose a coffee table by shape.


If you are looking for a coffee table to go with your sectional, look for a round style. We suggest this wonderful Peninsula round coffee table by David Sutherland, which has a striking slatted teak top with chalk textured aluminum legs. It is spacious enough to hold a tray with snacks, or to rest your laptop or book.

Keep everything organized with a media center.


A media center is so important to stash away clutter while providing optimal television viewing. The Seneca entertainment console by the Bronze Studio Collection and Michael Berman Limited is perfect. The beautifully made piece features hidden storage that is an absolute necessity when dealing with media accessories.

Define the dining area with a banquette.

Linen Banquette

Like in the living room, furniture can create the boundaries that create rooms within the open floor plan. The challenge here is thinking outside the box to allow for traffic flow and getting use out of every inch of space. The answer? A chic banquette. We love this Will Wick custom sectional linen tufted banquette in cream. Team it with a round or oval dining table. Which brings us to…

Select a stunning dining table.

Pedestal Table

The gorgeous Woodland Furniture extension pedestal table comes with a leaf to add when you have guests. In cream with a hint of yellow hue, the piece is a standout right down to the striking base.

Looking to solve the open-floorplan challenge in other areas of your home? We recommend starting by making a list of those “problem” areas in your home. Then, look to solve those issues — whether traffic flow, or even having to accommodate many activities in one room — with furniture. Start looking at pieces not just for style, but for their shape. Think of the different uses you can get out of a particular piece of furniture. By putting a premium on function, you’ll soon create a space that is both useful and beautiful.

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