Blue has always been one of the most popular color choices in home decorating. It can be soothing (think sky and ocean), or it can be exciting (think neon blue). We also love the color for its versatility — there are few colors that don’t pair beautifully with blue. And while many think of incorporating color through paint, blue furniture and accessories can also make a big impact. So whether you choose a warm blue, a cool blue, or all the shades in between, there is a blue to please everyone. Below are some of our favorites:

Custom Blue Ultrasuede Parsons Dining Chairs


Why we love them:  Besides the rich texture, these Parsons chairs have a slightly curved leg that adds more interest to the classic shape.

Custom Square Sofa designed by Louis Roberts

Square Sofa

Why we love it: The plush velvet fabric gives a luxurious feel to this sofa. Spacious but not bulky, it has a streamlined appearance and visible mahogany feet.

Cobalt Blue Murano Glass Lamp by Allan Knight


Why we love it: The deep cobalt blue of the base is set off by the crisp white lampshade. This would be particularly gorgeous in a white (or neutral) room.

Blue Overdye Wool Rug by Pasargad


Why we love it: The high-quality 9′ x 12′ rug was hand-knotted in 100% wool, which will beautifully stand up to wear-and-tear. Use it to anchor a seating area and create a focal point…especially under a glass or Lucite table.

Antique Blue and White Jardiniere

Blue and white

Why we love it: This porcelain planter adds sophistication to your room. Place a fern in it to bring in an element of nature and texture to your living room, porch, or sunroom.

Two Worlds Arts Antique-Inspired Chair

Hall Chair

Why we love it: The carved back and turned legs show off the craftsmanship of this piece. Smaller in size, this chair can be used in the hallway or as an unconventional way to display a plant.

Plexi-Craft Blue Acrylic Waterfall Table

Waterfall Table

Why we love it: There are no seams. This gorgeous table is made in one seamless piece of  1-inch sapphire blue acrylic with a beautiful curve at either end. Add this piece to your contemporary interior for added interest.

J. Eitelo Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Why we love it: This beautiful abstract is done on wood, which adds another dimension of texture to your wall. The mix of blue and green hues are simply mesmerizing.

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