Every decade has its hits and misses — and it’s always surprising when something that was considered wildly outdated suddenly becomes “in” again. So at first, when we heard that ’90s style was coming back in a big way, we initially thought that it couldn’t be possible that the decade was far back enough to even make a comeback. Yet, 1990 was 26 years ago.

Stylistically, the ’90s were a reaction to the excess of the ’80s — both in fashion and in our homes. We saw the end of the heavy-looking black appliances and eclectic color combinations of the ’80s (think blue, peach, and who can forget mauve?). The ’80s “cocoon” of overdressed windows, large floral patterns, and dried flowers was now over. A fresher, lighter look emerged. Here are a few of our favorite elements from the ’90s, and how to incorporate them into your décor today.

Whitewashed Furniture

Painted furniture was part of the “flea market” trend. The most popular shades were white and grey — and it’s a look that’s still going strong today, because it works with a number of different décor styles. Take, for example, this vintage whitewashed coffee table:


Its straight lines and pale finish can be used in traditional, rustic, or cottage décor.

Trestle Table

Another example of the white-painted look is this gorgeous custom trestle dining table. Its X base also gives the table an interesting silhouette.

Mad for Mid-Century

Wrapped Console

The demand for mid-century design skyrocketed in the ’90s, with classic pieces setting new auction records. Mid-century design also made a comeback during this time period because the lighter woods and streamlined look were already on-trend. Consider this mid-century inspired wrapped console by Modern History. The gorgeous buttery leather top with brass hardware can serve as a desk, buffet, or even used to hold a television.



Brass was the metal of choice during the ’90s, from hardware to light fixtures. We think brass is due for a comeback after years of nickel. The outdoor brass lanterns by Lampworks are a couple of our favorite pieces on the site right now. The darker finish brass has a rich feel and would look particularly fabulous on a porch.

Floral Patterns


While the English manor house look was popular, it is a classic style that we still love today. The use of floral patterns, wicker, and rich textiles will never go out of style. Consider this custom floral patterned wool area rug. With its muted colors, the rug conveys a quiet elegance.



Though we’d say that wicker is timeless, it was really embraced in the 1990s — especially in the early years of the decade. Add the element of wicker to your dining room by placing the Sidney wicker chairs by Janus Et Cie around your dining table.

Their neutral shade and wonderful texture add contrast to your wood or glass table.


As you can see, there is something for everyone from every decade — and really, some things never go out of style. It’s all about balancing the “old” with the “new”, and being open to the surprising trends that manage to make a comeback.

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