Light makes us happy and alert. Through various choices of light we can change the ambience in a room, from subdued, quiet, and cozy, to varying shades of brightness. Sometimes we need task lighting, for reading, cooking, or cleaning up that wine stain. Other times, we want to create drama by casting beautiful shadows or highlighting a piece of art. With the right lighting, all of these ideas are possible. It’s all in choosing the best fixture for each function.

1. Best For Entryways 


If you wish to illuminate an entry or a smaller room, may we suggest the Design Within Reach Giogali Hugger chandelier. Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, this flush mount chandelier is made from Murano glass and will have you looking up. Like a pair of diamond earrings, it adds sparkle and glamour.

2. Best For Living Rooms


Are you looking for something unique for the room you’ve decorated with antique books and a sofa such as this gorgeous Marquette Chesterfield sofa by Hickory Chair? Imagine the drama you would create with the soft light cast by these striking vintage Longhorn sconces by Will Wick. They would be equally at home in a contemporary setting as well as a traditional one. These would look wonderful on either side of that beautiful oil painting you splurged on.

3. Best For Desks

Copper desk lamp

Need something special for your workspace, study, or home office? We believe art is all around us, and lamps are no exception. This vintage copper desk lamp from Will Wick is just that. The look can be changed by adding a simple shade or, for more drama, try a leopard print.

4. Best For Task Lighting


Kitchen lighting is important but it doesn’t have to be boring. This Interieurs Wave chandelier would be perfect over that spacious kitchen island or over your kitchen nook. It has a perforated metal mesh that encloses the light source, making it attractive as well as functional.

5. Best For Bedsides


Lastly, we need to think about what to put on the end tables by our bed. These vintage ceramic table lamps in a deep port color have light bulbs that face downwards, which illuminate the table top to help you see everything on the nightstand without being too bright. If your bedroom décor warrants a paler color, these vintage brass table lamps would make the perfect complement. They, too, have downward-facing bulbs.

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