The perfect gallery wall can be an elusive thing. Sure, it looks easy, since hanging many pieces of art seems to be more forgiving than getting that one frame just perfect. But still, getting the proportion, balance, and mix of art can be a task that quickly consumes an entire weekend. To help find the answers, we turned to Lindsay Speace. You might know Lindsay from her blog The Pursuit of Style — or, from her fabulous vignette that was one of our most popular Instagram posts this year (it’s the photo above!). Here’s what the Raleigh, North Carolina-based designer had to say about the art of, well, hanging art!

Viyet: What inspired you to design this vignette? 
This vignette is actually from my first apartment in Washington, DC. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and this mini gallery wall was born simply from having more artwork to hang than wall space!

Viyet: What are some common mistakes you see when it comes to art in a home?
In terms of the artwork itself, I would love to see more people investing in original artwork. There are so many wonderful ways to discover and support emerging artists these days (Instagram, Etsy, Society 6, Buddy Editions, 20×200). Buying original pieces or editions doesn’t have to be as daunting–or even as cost prohibitive–as it sounds. We all can do better than our old college posters–unless, of course, you really love them!

I think the most common mistakes relate to hanging artwork: pieces hung too high, or too low, and more often than not, one very sad little piece on a huge wall. Paying attention to scale and proportion is important–and often the reason something seems off in a room but you just can’t put your finger on it.

Viyet: Many people are intimidated about hanging art, especially in a gallery style. Why should they consider the gallery style, or grouping art together?
Gallery walls are the perfect solution to the issue of too small art on a huge wall. A grouping of pieces can be as visually impactful as one substantial piece. They’re also great for people who have a lot of disparate pieces.

Viyet: Are there any tips about mixing art — as in, how to know what pieces can work together?

Finding a unifying thread, whether it be color or simply the type of frame itself, can help a gallery wall look more cohesive than chaotic.

Viyet: What are your tips on finding great art? 
I’ve been discovering so many new-to-me artists on Instagram these days. I also love hunting around antique stores and flea markets for affordable, one-of-a-kind finds. Just remember to focus on the art itself and not the framing, which more often than not will be terrible, but is an easy fix!

Lindsay Speace Art 2
A single great piece of art is shown off to beautiful effect in a bedroom by Lindsay Speace.

Viyet: Do you have any designer tricks on how to hang art so that it’s perfectly straight? 
There is a level in the second page of the Compass app on iPhone. Works every time.


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