Sectional sofas are the perfect way to add seating in a comfortable and chic way, and we’re pleased to see more of them being incorporated into elegant living spaces. Our friends at NousDecor illustrate how to stylishly integrate this piece into any room.

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Why We Love It: The warm, neutral color palette sets the scene for a relaxing day spent curled up on this plush, comfortable sectional. Here, the sofa was inspired by the surrounding rich colors. Though it works beautifully with the wood accent pieces, the upholstery picks up the color in the curtains for a pulled-together look. Instead of a literal monochromatic where everything is the same hue, the differing shades of brown create a cozy yet interesting look.

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Why We Love It: Bright-colored accents add cheerful flair to this classic taupe sectional. What we noticed is that though the room has a high ceiling, it has a more intimate feel (and a possibly cozier footprint). Though many would be hesitant to add a section to a small-ish space, this one feels so right. It fits snugly in the corner, so it doesn’t take up too much real estate. The neutral color is unobtrusive and isn’t distracting in the room. Your eye simply travels around the space without being jarred by anything — the key to a harmonious, comfortable room.


Why We Love It: Paired with simple accessories, this bright sectional adds “flower power” to this open, airy space. The sectional also proves the impact a contrasting upholstery can make in a room. Though the space is large and has a dominant feature (in this case, those great red cabinets), the sectional has a statement factor due to the overscaled size of the print. While a more muted colorway would get lost in the room, this one works perfectly. Also, note that great yellow-and-white contrasting accent chair. Overall, this is a furniture arrangement with plenty of personality.

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