Allan Knight knew he was going to be a designer at age seven, when he found a book on design in a shop. Today, he’s one of the most respected names in the design world. His showroom and brand, Allan Knight, was founded in 1999 and quickly became the go-to source for specialty acrylic, lighting, accessories, and antiques. 


Allan finds inspiration in everything. “Color, texture, people, art, architecture, or a blade of grass at the right time of the day,” he says. This eye for beauty translates to Allan’s flair for versatile style. “I know some people are known for certain things, but I like change; that is why my products range from modern to traditional, from safe to unpredictably abstract,” he says.  

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Allan is known for his acrylic pieces, but closer to his heart are his organic furnishings and lighting that take inspiration from the natural realm. Take, for example, the Gemstone Chandelier Collection pictured above. “I like the warmth of the material, and love to see it turn into something inspired by nature,” he says. “It makes me happy to think that the gems or minerals that adorn our chandeliers once lay deep underground.”

Allan does a lot of the ironwork in the studios himself, with a staff to do the heavy lifting. “It can be daunting,” he says. “My first Pick-Up-Stix chandelier was not secured when I was putting it together, and while being hoisted for the permanent welds, all 9 feet of it went crashing to the pavement.” Despite this experience, he still prefers the hands-on approach. “It’s solitary and freeing,” he says.

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About the Designer

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Allan Knight was an independent design consultant even before earning his degree in architecture from the University of Texas. He was co-owner of Merritt-Emanuel / Innovators, a groundbreaking acrylic furniture manufacturing venue, and has been involved heavily in design for over 35 years. His showroom and brand, Allan Knight, was founded in 1999 and became a successful competitor in the Dallas market, being the go-to source for specialty acrylic, lighting, accessories, and antiques. Allan Knight resides in Dallas with his life partner, Cearan Henley.

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