We’ve long admired Dallas for its fearless sense of style — which is why we are so excited to announce Viyet’s expansion to that very city! Though many think of Dallas as a place that goes for the “big”, designer Amy Berry says that residents are more about emphasizing a unique point of view. “Dallas isn’t ‘Southern’ in the way you’d typically think it, but people really do appreciate good design and care about their homes,” she says. “There’s an authenticity here that makes interiors so successful.”
We chatted with the designer about her career, influences, and favorite Dallas destinations. Read below for the full scoop!

Amy Berry Dining Room

“Dallas, to me, is so special,” she says. “There’s still such a strong undercurrent of Southern Hospitality, but there’s also a lot of modern things happening at the same time.” That mix of old and new is present in Amy’s work, which combines a distinctly contemporary sense with a slight European influence that belies her professional training at London’s Inchbald School of Design.


Amy found her love for design at a young age, counting her grandmother as one of her earliest influences. “She loves design and has more blue and white china than probably anyone I know. I grew up in Dallas, so I’ve always appreciated traditional design and architecture. Architecture, too, is a huge source of inspiration for me.”

Six words that describe my sense of style: Fresh. Southern. Tailored. Relaxed. Happy. Timeless.


While she adores every aspect of the design process, Amy particularly enjoys getting to know her clients. “Design, really, is 90% people. I think that’s the best part of my job — helping people create homes they love,” she says.

Amy Berry’s must-see Dallas destinations:

Favorite neighborhood: “Highland Park Village is one of the best shopping destinations we have, plus we eat a lot of Mexican food, so you can usually find us camped out at Mi Cocina.”

Favorite haunts: “Le Bilboquet for dinner. Grange Hall and Forty Five Ten for lunch. For shopping… Canary, Cabana, Forty Five Ten, Neiman Marcus.”

Must-see attraction: “The homes! The architecture is so inspiring. I could spend hours driving and looking at houses… there are so many beautiful residential areas. We are really lucky, too, to have an amazing design district. There is so much there, I’d be lost without it.”

About Amy Berry


Dallas-based interior designer Amy Berry is known for her refreshing interpretation of classic American style. After graduating from the University of Texas, Amy attended London’s Inchbald School of Design. She founded her boutique firm in 2013.

See more of Amy’s work: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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