Chicago-based designer Megan Winters is known for interiors that have an undeniable “wow” factor, combining vintage elements with high-style modern touches. They are those rare spaces that give not only a reflection of the designer’s sense of style, but also the designer’s spirit. You get the feeling that Winters puts every bit of herself into these projects, and that, for her, design isn’t just a career — it’s what she was always meant to do. “I was inspired to make design my full-time job after I had a brush with “terminal” brain cancer in 2002,” she says. “Obviously, I got extremely lucky and survived!  I promised myself that if I beat the cancer, I would find a way to spend my life doing what made my heart sing — and that for sure was interior design!”

Family Room

Winters Get The Look 1

Small French Gilt Mongolian Wool Chairs (from Megan Winters’ Tastemaker collection), Maison Jensen Vintage Bergere Chairs (from Megan Winters’ Tastemaker collection), Vintage Regency Coffee Table

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Such a change didn’t happen overnight. “It took me almost eight years to transition from being CEO of a global packaging company to doing interior design and construction full time, but for the past four years I have done exactly that,” she says. From there, it’s been a labor of love, with exquisite results. “I work seven days a week, but it’s really not ‘work’. It’s sheer passion; I throw myself into all my projects 100%; am determined never to repeat myself and take every challenge as an opportunity to make myself a better designer, and my clients’ spaces more spectacular. EVERYTHING CAN be a positive! I live by that motto.”

Describe your style in six words or less: Happy, high-energy, chic, classic, personal.

Winters Study

Study Collage

All from Megan Winters’ Tastemaker collection: Antique Roman Male Bust Sculpture, Custom Lucite and Wood Modern Chest Set, Armless Rolled Back Tufted Chairs

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Though her interiors strike that perfect balance of inviting and elegant, getting to that result only appears effortless. “Most of my projects are whole house projects, where I am hired to completely transform a new or existing residence for a client.  Finding the best ways to make each space most appropriately employing good design and classical architectural principles, while also resulting in accurate reflections of the client’s lifestyle and tastes is challenging. It takes a lot of thinking, pondering, and sketching,” she says. “I sort of get in ‘flow’, like with a long run. In the beginning it is very difficult, but once you fight through the initial tough part, it suddenly becomes sort of an out-of-body automatic experience.”

Winters Dining

Dining Collage

Antique Lacquered Dining Table, Schumacher Isis Armchairs (from Megan Winters’ Tastemaker collection), Circa Lighting Grosvenor Large Single Pendant

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About the Designer


Megan Winters is known for her fearless use of color, playful touches of gilt, and fresh pops of WOW. She designs comfortable yet sophisticated homes that reflect her clients’ daily lives, along with her elegant approach to design.

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