A sofa isn’t just a place to get comfortable during a Netflix binge — it’s a big investment that completely sets the tone of your living room. Yet, many of us just might be a little *too* comfortable with our current couch situation, settling for the faithful model that has provided years and years of support (with the well-worn cushion grooves to prove it). If yours has seen better days, consider one of these room-changing options, organized by style.

Your style: Tailored traditional

The sofa: Panama Woven Armless Sofa by Donghia

You can’t go wrong with loose seat cushions, welt details, and dark wood accents. The armless silhouette, however, gives the otherwise traditional sofa a modern feel. We love this shape because it offers the maximum options for seating without taking up any extra space.

Your style: Quirky


The sofa: Vintage Cut Velvet Settee 

Though a little smaller than a typical sofa, this shapely settee has undeniable character. Just look at that juxtaposition of a vintage frame with contemporary-cut velvet fabric! Use it in a nook, or as an intimate seating option in a small space.

Your style: Preppy

The sofa: Uptown Biscuit Sofa by Duralee

A peppy pink fabric lends punch to this custom piece. Though it has a sleek mid-century elegance, the pitch-perfect tailoring keeps the look very “today”. Like a perfect shift dress, it’s a design that transcends time.

Your style: Mad about mid-century

The sofa: Traditional Tufted Wing Sofa by Drexel Heritage

Okay, we’ll say it upfront: this isn’t a true vintage sofa. However, it has the shallow tufting, trim arms, and tapered legs made popular during the time period. What’s not to love?

Your style: Unabashedly romantic

Couch Edit

The sofa: Antique Cotton Bombe-Style Sofa

This fabulous Victorian sofa has great details: exquisite carvings along the frame, a distinctive camel-back-style silhouette, and gorgeous silk-blend upholstery.

Your style: Modern

The sofa: Navy three-seater pool sofa by Casa

While many modern sofas are devoid of any details, this one stands out for its unique exposed frame. The warm walnut draws attention to the pristine structure of this striking design.

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