Noted as the “designer’s designer,” Gina Berschneider has strongly stood as a reliable pillar for luxurious furniture, textiles, and upholstered pieces in Southern California since 1974. Originally born in Switzerland, Gina moved to California where she met her husband, Rolf Berschneider, who at the time had his own upholstery company in West Hollywood. Together, their upholstered pieces, suited to the likes of the customer and the Southern California lifestyle, are incomparable.banner


Manta Modern Side Table, Traditional Moderne Sofa, Soleil Leather Armchair

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“It has been my great privilege to collaborate with Gina Berschneider since opening my business in Los Angeles three years ago. Gina and her daughter Natalie have been a delight to work with, have a keen eye for detail, and create pieces of great beauty and enduring quality. I can always rely on the highest standards from Gina Berschneider, and furniture of lasting value. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that cannot be overstated.” – Douglas Truesdale of Douglas Truesdale Interior Design

Eclectic, voluptuous, classic, elegant, and comfortable.


Swivel Lounge Chair, Chenille Sectional Sofa, Hattie Cowhide Ottoman

See more at the Gina Berschneider showroom at Viyet.

“The upholstery workroom founded by Gina Berschneider has always been considered one of the best in the business, and my firm established a relationship with them a few years ago. We’ve come to rely on their expertise, quality, and efficiency, and truly enjoy working with Gina, her daughter Natalie, and their incredibly talented team of upholsterers. No project is too daunting and everything they produce–from a pillow to a complicated custom item–is handled with care and consideration.” – Madeline Stuart of Madeline Stuart & Associates, Inc.

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Like her passion for re-upholstering worn and overlooked items, Gina, Rolf, and Natalie, have opened a full-service design showroom on La Cienega Boulevard. Not only does their brand have a showroom, but they also have a fully operating workroom. As a family-owned business, their congruency and geniality is unparalleled. They differ from other companies in their seamless workmanship, prompt deliveries, fast lead times, and customer service handled directly by Natalie.

“The quality of all our designs rests on the backs of our vendors. I am always happy to work with companies like Gina Berschneider, several generations deep, the old ways are honored here and they create pieces that I know my clients will love.” – Mark Cutler


Leather Top Coffee Table, Iron Frame Side Table

See more at the Gina Berschneider showroom at Viyet.


Born and raised in Switzerland, Gina Berschneider has been a fixture in the Southern California furniture and interior design community for over 35 years. She translates the vision of her clients into plush realities. While particularly well known for her luxurious upholstered sofas, chairs, beds, and lounge pieces, Gina Berschneider also designs and creates exquisite tables, lamps, and mirrors. Today, Gina Berschneider is a family-owned business, with Natalie serving as a managing partner. Together, they have opened a showroom in the heart of La Cienega Design Quarter. Their line encompasses their classic larger-than-life upholstered pieces and handcrafted wooden tables – – all, of course, designed by Gina and manufactured in Southern California.

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