The culmination of elegance, simplicity, and comfort is a desired, but seldom attained, vision for designers. Krista Schrock and David John Dick of DISC Interiors achieve this amalgam in each of their finished designs, and with all spaces exceeding this standard. With Krista’s background in graphic design and David’s in glassblowing, their artistic foundation creates the nexus of their creative potential. In the Californian environment, aspects of nature are a vital source for inspiration and innovative impetus. They are influenced by the project’s surroundings, “whether it be a color palette inspired by the mosses of northern California or textures inspired by natural materials such as raw stone or wood.”1 finalKrista and David’s unique style is best characterized by the design philosophy of “Wabi Sabi”, an aesthetic represented in the “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” qualities that create a living space. They comment on the style: “Our interior works are never focused on perfection, instead we seek to design rooms that are casual, with “living” finishes, and patinas that tell a story and have history. We love the layers that come with this philosophy, and are very influenced by “balance”, and other elements in Japanese design.” Their recently designed Manhattan Beach home is the arechetype of Wabi Sabi ethos.2

Tell us about the design process and approach for this particular project. 

We were selected by Sunset Magazine to design the 2014 Idea House in Manhattan Beach. We were given complete creative freedom to design our version of the modern beach house. We were particularly influenced by travels to the northern California coast by Point Reyes, this sense of easy living you feel when you live by the ocean. The colors and textures were to remain neutral with punctuated accents of black and earthy colors.


How long did it take to complete this project from start to finish?

Because we were under strict deadline by the magazine, we had only 8 months to build this home from the ground up, and furnish it.

Did you face any design challenges, and if so, how did you address them?

There were many, the first was designing spaces that felt comfortable and cozy in a voluminous space. Also, the main entertaining area of the home at the back of the house was a small area in which we had to fit the kitchen, eating area and everyday living room.


What is your favorite room or space and why?

I think the kitchen was a big risk for us, we had never designed a black kitchen and felt like it was a bold move that would both spark conversation yet still balance out all the white in the home.



Founded by interior designers Krista Schrock and David John Dick, DISC Interiors has been hailed for creating warm modern designs that exude an “enviable California vibe.” Inspired by natural materials, tonal color palettes, and the distinctive work or artisans with whom they work, the duo strives to create homes that are as stylish and refined as they are effortless and comfortable.

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