Gift Ideas | Perfect for Stylish Dads

Your father deserves more than a hastily-bought tie, cologne, or subscription to a mail-order steak club. (Seriously, just take a moment and think back to your teenage years.) This Father’s Day, treat him to a gift that reflects his interests in the most stylish way possible. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite picks from Viyet, organized by personality. Gift any of these options with a bottle of his favorite spirit and, of course, a thoughtful card.

For The Dad Who Still Really, Really Likes Don Draper
He’s still hung up on the nice suit-wearing, hard-drinking, visionary Don Draper and blithely ignores the more unsavory parts of his character. Perhaps he still idolizes James Bond, too.

This wood-front bar by The New Traditionalists has space for up to 12 bottles.


Upgrade his rocks glasses with Peridot Honey Bee Skull glasses and Peridot Handblown glasses by Thomas Fuchs.


A vintage crystal decanter by Tiffany is a suitably luxurious vessel for a fine scotch. The hammered aluminum ice bucket means fewer trips to the freezer.


Pristine vintage martini shakers offer the perfect way to end the day (left, silver-plated Sonoma shaker; right, vintage French shaker).

For the Manly Man
He’s a font of knowledge about everything from whiskey to repairs. He appreciates fine craftsmanship and letting his actions speak louder than his words. (We imagine him as a more stylish Ron Swanson.)


He’s not one for finding decorative items in his spare time, so he will appreciate you finding the right items that suit his distinct character (Vintage Wagon Wheel, Vintage Moose Antlers, and Jonathan Adler Power Fist Pillow).


If your dad appreciates the occasional good cigar, this well-crafted lighter and pristine crystal ashtray make the indulgence feel even more special.

For the Grillmaster
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, he’d rather be outdoors. Whether he’s making dinner for two or handling the cookout, the Grillmaster’s happiest and most comfortable at his grill.

This sturdy vintage butcher-block island makes an excellent prep station.


The Bonneville bar wagon is a crowd-pleaser, while the Arbor wagon makes it easy to tote beers and supplies to his command center.

Upgrade his falling-apart lawn chair with the comfortable yet modern Donut chair.

For the Renaissance Man
He can speak multiple languages, is a master gardener, can converse about ancient art, history, philosophy and pretty much any other subject.


Get him an exquisite piece that reflects his favorite hobbies. Here, antique etchings for the architecture buff, a bold planter for the horticulturist, and an incredible set for fans of fine teas.


A monumental mantel and fireplace accessory set seriously upgrade his study.

For the Collector Who Has Everything
Whether it’s art, mid-century memorabilia, or just anything antique, he has a soft spot for history. The only thing that limits him is space and the free time for acquisitions.


vintage mahogany globe, vintage alligator suitcase, or this exquisite beetle box add interest to his office.


A glass cigar mirror, midcentury promotional peanut dishes, antique French fountain, and whale ice bucket are the very definition of a conversation piece.

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