Friend of Viyet designer Jennifer Schmidt from JWS Interiors recently completed a beautiful home in the metro DC area for a family with young children. The home is a perfect reflection of her style: chic glamour woven into timeless and elegant living spaces. As a foundation for her creative process, Jennifer usually starts with a single element such as a piece of furniture, wallpaper, or even light, around which she builds the rest of the room. She’s adept at envisioning the desired outcome for a space, loves the excitement of bringing it all together, as well as presenting the finished product to her client. Read what Jennifer had to say about this stunning house:


Tell us about the design process and approach for this particular project. 

This project was for a family with young children, so I needed to create ample seating (the sofa is 100+ inches long) yet keep things modern and sophisticated when the parents entertained friends and family. My clients liked clean lines, so the Jonathan Adler chairs and the ABC Carpet & Home sofa were perfect selections for achieving that look. The custom Stark carpet was the foundation for the room.

How long did it take to complete this project from start to finish?  

It took about 6 months.

FULL ROOM (800x529)

Did you face any design challenges, and, if so, how did you address them? 

Yes, the room was a little narrower than I would have liked, but using modern, non-bulky furniture helped to streamline the space and keep it clean.

What is your favorite room or space, and why?

This was one of my favorite projects because I was given full creative license to design the master bedroom. It’s clean with a hint of glam.

Describe your style in 6 words or less.   

Glamorous. Sophisticated. Elegant.



Jennifer Wagner Schmidt of JWS Interiors is based in the metro Washington, DC area, and has clients in both DC as well as New York City. After working in hi-tech PR in San Francisco and DC, Jennifer decided to work in the world of interiors. She went to design school and was hooked. She moonlighted at the Washington Design Center and ultimately decided to break out on her own, forming her design company, JWS Interiors. Her design philosophy is to keep decor chic, timeless, and luxurious with a touch of glamour. As an entrepreneur and mother of two daughters, Jennifer understands the importance of designing practical, yet beautiful spaces.

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