When the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. Yet, our spaces can feel just as stuffy as a wool blazer if we let winter’s accessories stay put as the weather reaches sunny highs. (This is doubly true when we’re talking about a small space, which can already read as “cozy” to begin with.) So, put away those heavy blankets and take the opportunity to give your home a fresh update. We took inspiration from some of Viyet’s favorite design talents to round up no-fail tips for getting your place in summer shape.

Start With Accent Pillows


This living space by 2Michaels feels open and airy, thanks to its neutral palette. And, the green pillows provide a perfect pop of color.


Tri Pillows


To add your own splash of summer color, we recommend this intricate patterned pillow from Sister Parish, Pink Circles Throw Pillows, or John Robshaw Accent Pillows.

Create The Illusion Of Space With Clear Furniture


Clear, transparent pieces, like this Plexi-craft magazine table, are perfect for small spaces because they ‘disappear’ into the environment and don’t clutter sight lines.


If you’re interested in experimenting with acrylic and lucite accents, we recommend this Plexi-Craft table, which is both useful and discreet. It’s free-form shape also adds a bit of modern whimsy to any room.

50-sapphire-blue-susie-table-1425329074 copy

Check out the Plexi-Craft Blue Susie Table and the Plexi-Craft Z Platform Table.

Open Up With A Large Mirror


Cheval uses this large standing mirror to reflect light, which creates a spacious feeling. In a small space, the effect can be just as dramatic and effective as the additional window you wish you had.




Some other great mirrors Viyet offers are the Bamboo Wall Mirror, Oversized Wood Beam Mirror, and the Chinoiserie-Style Mirror.




Brighten Up With Sconces


These 19th Century Leaf Sconces are exquisite in function and design. In addition to creating a lovely focal point, they add eye-level lighting — always flattering — without taking up floor or table space.


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