With panoramic views of the Manhattan, Hudson County offers design inspiration around every corner. Designer Joan Enger of J. Patryce Design capitalizes on her immediate environment in Hoboken to inspire her designs that transform houses into homes. This image immediately caught our attention. We had to know more about what inspired her Hudson Country project. She notes “this brownstone circa 1900 in Hoboken had been cut up into separate spaces and [her] clients turned it back into the house that it was meant to be.” This is Design Dispatch: Hudson County.


Joan’s Inspiration

The story begins in Hoboken. Often called New York City’s 6th borough and located across the hudson river from lower Manhattan, the 1 mile square town is filled with historic brownstones and public buildings with a distinct mid to late 1800s feel. She notes her local inspiration as “the incredible panoramic views of NYC! Runs on the waterfront with a more beautiful sunrise each morning is an inspiring start to any day!” The city is best described as aesthetically therapeutic, with great locations distributed around the city, such as Stevens University, to watch a variety of boats sail along the Hudson. “There are a handful of restaurants that I enjoy; I prefer small, authentic spots like La Isla (great Cuban food), or Otto Strada (Italian).





The historical significance of Hoboken is also an inspiration for Joan’s work. The Lackawanna Train Station and ferry terminal has recently undergone an impressive restoration. “The contrast of the historical architectural elements combined with the modern, glass and steel ferry terminal is a wonderful juxtaposition, which speaks to Hoboken’s diverse community.” She continues, “On my way through the terminal, I often stop and stare up at the magnificent ceiling. It really is all in the details!”





Joan also pulled inspiration from Castle Point, named for it’s location as Hoboken’s highest elevation. Both it’s location and preservation set the location apart. Joan was inspired by “…the original cobblestone streets with unobstructed NYC views and historical mansions.” These homes are now used for student accommodation by Stevens University. Joan notes, “Many of us in town often dream about living on this block. But at the time, local residents could never have afforded them. Things have certainly changed in Hoboken!”




Some of the most iconic images of Manhattan are taken from across the Hudson. It’s easy to see the appeal of Castle Point and Hoboken’s close proximity to the waterfront.





Inspiration Transformed: Garden Street Brownstone

Using these elements, Joan completely transformed this Garden Street Brownstone, originally constructed at the turn of the 20th century. Incorporating classical design elements authentic to time of construction, Enger kept the palette fresh and the space functional for her clients who are a bustling family of five.





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Joan Enger began her journey career in luxury branding for Estee Lauder, Godiva, and Ralph Lauren Home before transition into the design world at Claremont Fabric and Furnishings as a custom textile consultant and then as a design associate at Shostak & Company for nearly four years alongside a teacher with the highest standards. After partnering on the reonvation of her own home she was inspired to branch out on her own and founded J. Patryce Design.

J. Patryce Design specializes in the planning, design and project management of residences throughout New York and New Jersey. Founded in 2005, this Hoboken interior design firm embodies the vision of its Principal, Joan Enger, blending clean lines with classic elements to ensure elegant, inviting environments.

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