Before launching Radel Home in September 2014, designers and owners Amy Seminski and Katie Radford had a history of collecting vintage pieces from their travels and refurbishing them with unique fabrics. United in their love of Mid-Century Modern decor, they initially combined forces crafting furniture pieces for their Manhattan apartments and Amy’s interior design clients. Not only have we fallen in love with their work, but we adore that all of the pieces from Radel Home have been personally touched by the owners from inception to completion.

Image courtesy: Radel Home. Available at Viyet.
Image courtesy: Radel Home. Available at Viyet.

V: What inspired this career path for you?
A: As an interior designer I have been designing custom pieces for my clients and I have always had a desire to start a furniture line. When Katie worked with me for a couple of years we discovered we both shared a love of mid-century modern furniture and searching for pieces that we could then refurbish and turn into something completely new.
K: Working in both the interior and fashion worlds led me to find that I enjoy researching and collecting mid-century modern furniture.  After creating a storage ottoman for my own home and having worked with Amy for two years we decided to collaborate on a collection of bespoke and vintage furniture.

V: What are the biggest trends you see in interior design right now and what are you loving (and not loving)?
A & K: Sheepskin. We love white sheepskin in both long and short. It is great when paired with black metal or woods. We love using it on our Bespoke and Vintage pieces.

Image courtesy of Radel Home. Scandinavian Chairs available at Viyet.
Image courtesy of Radel Home. Scandinavian Chairs available at Viyet.

V: Tell us about your creative process.

A & K:  We start with a color palette and determine which pieces in our vintage inventory will work with the fabrics.  While we are working out the vintage line it helps us to determine what kind of bespoke pieces we would like to design to compliment the collection.  It is important to us that bespoke collection works well with our vintage collection.
V: Describe your style in 6 words or less.
A & K:  Clean, chic, elegant, eclectic, functional, and sophisticated.

V: What is your go-to source for inspiration?

A & K: Traveling would be our first source. It doesn’t have to be the most glamorous place. We find some of most inspirational pieces come from the most unexpected places. We also take inspiration from what is happening in the fashion and art world in terms of colors, textures and forms.

Image courtesy: Radel Home. Child's Hoop Rocker available at Viyet.
Image courtesy: Radel Home. Child’s Hoop Rocker available at Viyet.

V: What’s a staple in your toolkit?
A & K:  Fabrics and Upholstery.  Use unexpected fabrics to turn a piece into something unique and contemporary. Natural linen always works well to make a piece look new and is easy find.
V: Who do you look up to in the design world?
A & K: Eileen Gray. She was woman ahead of her time.

V: If you could design a space for anyone, what kind of space and for who would it be?

A & K:  Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ boudoir
V: Tell us your favorite design related word, phrase, or quote.
A & K:  “Simplicity, suitability and proportion.” – Elsie de Wolfe
V:Which design blog, website, TV show, or magazine would you be lost without?
A & K:  Elle Décor, Lonny, and Instagram

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Katie Radford

Amy Seminski:

Specializing in high-end interiors, Amy Seminski established her New York based interior design firm, Amy Seminski Interior Design, in 2002 with the simple philosophy that sophisticated style must reflect the lifestyle and individuality of each client. Her comprehensive designs ensure that all aspects of the interior are taken into consideration, including custom furniture pieces and window treatments as well as the client’s existing artwork and antiques. She is most noted for her contemporary take on traditional styles, incorporating clean lines, refined colors and subtle textures to create a distinguished look.

Amy SeminskiKatie Radford:

Katie was born and raised Sydney, Australia. She was educated in London at the Inchbald School of Design and has her degrees in Display & Exhibit Design and Fabric Styling from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Katie gained her professional expertise while working at international fashion houses including Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, and at distinguished publications such as W and Elle Magazines. Katie brings her experience, both professional and personal, to every piece of furniture she designs. In fact, she conceived the idea of the line’s storage ottomans to help to reduce clutter while maximizing the beauty of her family’s living space in her own home.

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