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Luxury Wall Paintings

The art that you choose to enhance your home is a reflection of your personal style. It's important to select pieces that not only contribute to the décor and feeling of the room that they will be displayed in, but which bring you enjoyment when you look at them. We offer an enticing selection of contemporary and vintage art, including elegant decorative objects, vintage wall art pieces, antique sculptures, modern ceramics, and much more. Along with exceptional pre-owed designer furniture, we also provide art consignment and attractive showroom pieces.

Because we offer consignment art, the types of works and the artists that we have available will vary. We have offered prints by Andy Warhol and David Hockney, photographs by Kristina Nazarevskaia and Alberto Rizzo, and ceramics from Bruno Gambone. A significant part of our collection includes exceptional antique and vintage art pieces that would add to the beauty of any home.

Consider art pieces that complement the space or offer an intriguing contrast to the surroundings. A painting that matches the style and color of your room exactly will disappear into the background, but a striking antique figurine will command attention when placed within a Modern context. If you prefer works of art that complement rather than stand out, choose vintage wall art with one or two colors similar to your other décor, or choose a sculpture with a shape that echoes the lines of your furnishings.

No matter what type of art you're looking for, make sure that you have the space to display it property. A small painting may be overwhelmed by a large blank wall; several black and white vintage framed art photographs hung together will fill the space more appropriately and create additional visual interest. Vintage art posters add both color and fun to a room, and advertising posters from the early 20th Century are especially stylish. Combine art in different mediums — a colorful painting, a rustic sculpture, a sleek vintage photograph — to bring dimension and depth to your room.